Will Keyword Sellers ‘steal’ my niche?

Keyword sellers have access to loads of great keywords that they sell. Low competition keywords that can make decent money. So, why do keyword sellers not use the keywords they sell to make $$$$$$ online?

Most people making money online will keep their niche a secret and are often wary about sharing their niche when purchasing SEO services. Many don’t want the sellers to ‘steal’ their niche. Is this really an issue?

In all honesty, no it’s not an issue when buying keywords. There are two main reasons why:

  • The universe of keywords is HUGE!
  • Keyword sellers are busy and have their own projects they work on

Let’s take the first point. There are lots of keywords in the SEO universe, and I mean lots! If we take a look at the word best on Ahrefs Keyword Explorer (a very popular modifier for affiliate keywords) in the United States there are 39,754,366 keywords!

Yes, many are not going to have search volume, some will be branded searches, etc. etc. but you get the idea. There are a lot of keywords!

There are so many profitable niches and keywords. This leads on to my second point “Keyword sellers are busy and have their own projects they work on”. If I started a new project every time I found great keywords I’d be working 24/7 and would need a huge team of writers with a pretty substantial budget.

Selling keywords allows me and other sellers to give others the opportunity to make money from great keywords and allows the sellers to invest in their own projects.

The last point I’d like to make is that keyword research is fairly accessible to everybody nowadays no matter what ability you are. As such many people have access to the same data and therefore same keywords. However, for low competition keywords, you’ll unlikely be competing with many people anyway. As such the keywords that are sold, even though most are sold exclusively, doesn’t mean that other people haven’t discovered those keywords.

TLDR: There are plenty of great keywords in the SEO universe to go after them all. Most keyword sellers are more than busy working on their own projects to ‘steal’ the keywords they sell and start new projects.

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